Useful Tobacco Terminology J to L

Another instalment of the monthly tobacco vernacular guide; we are nearing the half way mark of the alphabet – here is J, K and L.
Jalapa Valley
Nicaragua’s most famous tobacco growing region, Jalapa Valley is based near the Southern border of Honduras and has built up a fierce reputation for cultivating fine cigars.
Jamastran Valley
The Honduran counterpart to the Jalapa Valley, Jamastran is just over the border from its Nicaraguan brethren.
Made from cork, a Knocker sits inside of an ashtray and serves to help a pipe smoker empty their bowl. The soft surface can be knocked against ensuring that
no damage will be caused to the body of the pipe.
Large Cigars
This may sound self-explanatory but cigars can only be considered large if they weigh more than three pounds.
An unusual form of tobacco from Oriental countries that is sun-cured, then fire-cured with aromatic woods and herbs. It is considered too strong to smoke by
itself, so it must be used in a blend with other forms of tobacco.
Traditionally, Lectors were educated professionals who would read newspapers and books to cigar vendors throughout the day.
Lieberman Rolling
Also known as bunch rolling, this technique uses a device known as the Lieberman Machine to bunch and bind tobacco leaves. It is used in the majority
of fine cigar factories throughout the world.
This Spanish word, meaning blend, connotes the combination of different tobacco leaves and proportions thus creating specific tastes and characters.
The part of the pipe which flares slightly and is to be inserted in the mouth. The lip provides a place for the teeth to sit.
Little Cigars
The counter of the big cigar, the term little cigars refer to all cigars that weigh in at less than three pounds.
The Lonsdale is a long and thing cigar that usually measures in at a ratio of rough 6 by 42.
Lucite is a strong and durable plastic that is used in a wide range of pipe stems. They are often preferable because they retain their appearance and efficacy over a long period of time, although they can be hard on the teeth of the pipe smoker.
Luxury Tobacco
Be careful of false prophets, luxury tobacco only refers to tobacco products that are created by master craftsmen utilising tobacco of fine quality. These
tobaccos are designed to be used entirely for pleasure rather than out of habit or addiction.

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