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Although smoking pipes have attained a more sophisticated and refined classification in modern times, the old traditional is still very much alive, with classy and discerning pipe smokers still preferring the ancient smoking method.

For pipe smokers that have retained their classic, sophisticated tastes, their prized smoking pipe deserves the right tobacco.

American Blend tobacco is a highly popular range of pipe tobaccos among pipe smokers. For pipe smokers that want a good tobacco with rich, aromatic flavours and sweet elements, it’s hard to look past American Blend.

American Blend pipe tobaccos from Tobacco Specialists are created using the finest tobacco leaves, and intertwined with unique flavours to offer something just a bit different.

The finest Burleys, Virginias and Cavendish tobaccos are used to craft American Blends.

These tobaccos aren’t exactly new, and their tradition extends way back into American history, where tobacco was assimilated in the South.

Often air cured or cured by other means, a range of pipe smokers from beginners to veterans can find peace with American Blend pipe tobaccos.

Our range of American Blends products includes Caribbean Coconut, Cherry and Vanilla, Coffee Caramel, Sweet Peach and Ultimum pipe tobacco.

Noted for their simple, enriching aromatic blends, American Blends are an affordable option for pipe smokers that don’t want to pay over the odds.

Shop now at Tobacco Specialists and discover our incredible range of pipe tobacco and American Blend. There’s a pipe tobacco for everyone!