Biography of a Great Smoker Jay Z

Whilst many of the entrants of this list are now deceased or in the twilight of their lives; there are still a number great smokers in their pomp – proving that cigar and pipe aficionados are not just a thing of the past. Arguably the most important and influential man in music Jay Z is a modern day pioneer of the high quality cigar, seldom being pictured without one.

Jay Z was born into relative poverty in Brooklyn, the music mogul has built up a wealth of more than $500million using his considerable rapping and business talents. Furthermore Jay Z is happily married to one of the world’s most desired women, Beyonce, with whom he has a baby girl. He has achieved all of this whilst remaining true to his roots and with a cigar more often than not in one hand.

Jay Z (real name Shawn Carter) likes to smoke in style – favouring cigars lit by a miniature blowtorch covered in black reptile skin. Whilst music is his vocation, cigars seem to be his true passion. Even though he spends the majority of his time in Manhattan, a region with strict no-smoking laws, Jay Z continues to flout the law and indulge in his love of smoking.

Cigar smoking is just a part of his make-up and appearance which is an amalgamation of yesteryear sophistication and modern day chic. His offices are

reputed to be decorated with portraits of modern-day superstars and golden-age icons. The cigar serves as a tool that joins the two ages of sophistication and lavish wealth.

Jay Z’s success has largely been attributed to his fine eye for detail and picky nature. However he seems to be less picky when choosing his cigar, finding

pleasure in a number of different brands and cigar types.

He revealed: “I like Montecristos—those are probably some of my favourites, but I like a bit of everything: Romeo y Julieta, Partagas. One of my first favourites was Dunhills, when I first started smoking them. But I go back and forth. I think its like anything else: sure, you can find good, inexpensive cigars, but the things that are really good are the ones that cost.

“I like them bigger but mild. It gives the appearance of smoking something heavy but its not. Its just relaxing. I dont know the lingo like Its got an oaky

flavour, stuff like that. Its just based on what I like. No one schooled me in cigars, like no one schooled me in how to buy art or drink wine. A cigar is like a

gift you give yourself. I smoke at times when Im relaxing, or celebrating.” And Jay Z is certainly a man who has plenty to celebrate.

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