Biography of a Great Smoker Diego Maradona

Ask almost football any football fan who is the greatest player in the history of the game and those that dont list Pele, will say Diego Maradona. A player who stunned the World with his natural playing abilities as much as his controversial nature and obvious genius; Diego Maradona was the most famous sportsman of his day. The most beloved Argentinian of all time has developed a well-publicised love of cigars since retiring from the game.

Diego Maradona was never built like the archetypal football, short and squat with a bush of black hair and more-often-than-not a rotund belly – his natural ability overcame his obvious disadvantages and cultivated the level of genius he has become known for.
Maradonas love for Cuban cigars has no doubt been aided by his close companionship with the former leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro. The communist leader was famously a guest on Maradona’s chat show in 2005, calling it a dream come true. There is an obvious mutual respect as the ex-footballer has a tattoo
of Castro adorning his leg.
During a tour of South America this year, Maradona rekindled the 27-year friendship by paying Castro a visit – even though the former leader of Cuba has
since given up his cigar smoking ways in recent years.
The former Barcelona and Napoli midfielder has caused a certain amount of trouble with his love of cigars. When he was coach of the Argentinian national
team and scouting striker Carlos Tevez, Maradona was staying in a Manchester hotel also occupied by Chelsea players. A fire alarm in the middle of the night,
reportedly caused by Maradona and his entourage smoking cigars, led to the Chelsea players evacuating the hotel the night before a big game. A tired-looking Chelsea team were then beaten 3-0 the following day by Tevezs Manchester United.
In England Maradona is best known for single-handedly dumping the country out of the 1986 World Cup with two goals as Argentina stormed on to win the
tournament. His participation was slightly soured however when replays showed that he used his hand to score the first goal – the highly controversial ‘hand of god’ goal. Fortunately however, Maradona now primarily uses this hand to hold his beloved Cuban cigar

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