UK third strictest EU country for tobacco and E-Cigarette tax

A new report has ranked the UK as amongst the least free country in the EU, in terms of laws against eating, drinking E-Cigarettes and tobacco smoking.

Christopher Snowdon has revealed that the UK rank third, behind Sweden and Finland in a 28 table comparing the severity relating to tobacco, E-Cigarette, alcohol and food.

The laws include restrictions on advertising, taxation, opening and closing times, drink driving limits and ingredient limits. The report comes shortly after further tax plans on tobacco and sugar has been introduced in March 2016.

An explanation reads: “(UK) taxes on cigarettes and wine are the highest in the EU. Only Finland has a higher rate of beer duty and its spirits duty is higher than every non-Scandinavian member state.”

Czech Republic has been found to have minimal laws against smoking and alcohol and none for electronic cigarettes.

A description into the Czech Republic laws said: “Tobacco taxes are also among the lowest in the EU. Cigarettes can be displayed in shops and bought from vending machines. In bars and restaurants it is left to the owner to decide whether to permit smoking and e-cigarettes can be advertised, purchased and used anywhere.”

Finland has been found to be the least “free” country, with the country being one of the few to have a special tax on confectionery, ice cream and chocolate and although there are plans to withdraw the tax in 2017, fizzy drink tax will remain in place.

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