The history of King Edward VII Cigars

Soon after taking over the throne, King Edward VII removed Queen Victoria’s ban on smoking declaring: “Gentlemen, you may smoke.” It was with these now-immortal words that earned King Edward VII, and the cigars named in his honour, a place in cigar history

King Edward was notorious for his smoking, smoking twenty cigarettes and twelve cigars a day. Swisher International Brand named their brand of cigar after the King, for his famous line he made when he became king. Since then Edward VII imperial Cigars and King Edward VII Invincible Cigars has become a worldwide seller.

In 1940 Swisher’s King Edwards was the world’s best-selling cigar, whilst other business were starting to close down due to The Great Depression, Swisher International Brand were hiring more staff to meet the demand for their cigars, and were still unable to keep up with the demand.

With the company making an early move into mechanisation Swisher International Brand were able to reduce the prices of their cigars, this made their cigars even more popular. However, with the prices reducing they lost snobbery status, as normal people could purchase the cigars.

Today King Edward Cigars are still a popular brand, sold in a five pack, individually wrapped to lock in the freshness, King Edward cigars are known for its smooth, mild taste and affordability, and are sold in over 60 countries.

At Tobacco Specialists we sell the highest quality cigars, including King Edward VII imperial Cigars and King Edward VII Invincible Cigars.

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