Menthols cigarettes and 10Pck to be banned by 2020

Menthol cigarettes and pack of 10 will be banned by 2020 after Euro judges supported the EU rules.

The European Court of Justice rejected challenges from tobacco companies and Poland, who claimed the EU have gone beyond their powers by demanding countries enforced the ban.

The EU has argued against Tobacco Products Directive claiming that Menthols should be banned because their “pleasant flavour” attracts people who are put off by regular tobacco.

Along with the ban it will become a requirement across the continent to provide huge health warnings on packs, after Judges in Luxembourg stated it was necessary and appropriate to reduce the numbers of smokers.

E-Cigarettes has also new restrictions including maximum nicotine level, due to come into force in later this month,  which campaigners argue could send e-cigarette smokers back to pack.

Head of lifestyle economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs Christopher Snowdon said: “There is no good reason why Britain shouldn’t be able to set its own policy on issues like e-cigarettes, nor is there any reason why e-cigarettes should be caught up in a Directive about tobacco.

“No member state has seriously considered banning menthol cigarettes and yet the EU has decided to go ahead with an EU-wide ban anyway.”

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