Top 5 ways to enjoy the Bank Holiday Sun

May this year is packed full of bank holidays and hopefully hours upon hours of glorious sunshine. This brings with it plentiful opportunities to go out and enjoy the weather with your tobacco. Here are our top 5 ways to enjoy the Bank Holiday sun and the perfect tobacco to go with the occasions.

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The relaxing nature of being aboard a small boating floating on a peaceful river is one the most stereotypical ways to enjoy a sunny day and with good reason too. Reminiscent of tales and stories steeped in glorious weather such as the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; boating has long been a traditional way to enjoy the sun. Like the eponymous hero in the aforementioned story, tobacco can play a central part in such endeavours. Where Huck Finn enjoyed a corn cob pipe, the modern smoker may enjoy the smooth tastes of Blue Ridge Tobacco.

Zoo Trips
A great day out for the full family where exercise and education can both be enjoyed; the zoo trip is a perfect opportunity for fresh air and bank holiday fun. A family day out steeped in tradition; the first UK Zoo opened to the public over 150 years ago. The gentle stroll around the zoo can be greatly improved with a tube of Ashford Virginia Original Tobacco.

Theme Park
The ideal solution to the age old problem of what to do with teenage children on bank holiday weekends. Even the most embarrassed and sulky of teenagers will not be able to resist the lure of one of the UK’s top theme parks. This May, the UK’s most famous theme park, Alton Towers, is welcoming a new rollercoaster – The Smiler. The designated smoking areas at theme parks provide the perfect place to enjoy Bayside Virginia Blend Tobacco.

Ultimate Frisbee
For the more adventurous and active; Ultimate Frisbee is a new and exciting sport. The relatively new sport is growing in popularity throughout the country as more and more clubs are popping up everywhere. Combining Frisbee with the rules of American Football and Netball; Ultimate Frisbee is a game of athleticism, skill and ingenuity.

If the world of competitive exercise is not for you, then make the most of the great rolling British landscape with an afternoon of hiking. Bask in the glorious sun as the litany of smells and scents ascend and envelope your senses. Plus at the end of a long and tiring hike; reward yourself with a smoke of your favourite tobacco.

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