Matching your Smoke to your Drink

Enjoying high quality tobacco is one of the finest pleasures in life. These little treats can make a smoker’s day and put a smile upon their face. There are many ways to capitalise on a good smoke and get the most out of the experiences; one of which is enjoying the tobacco alongside a matching drink. Here are a few examples of perfectly matched tobaccos and drinks.

Vanilla Tobacco Cigarette
Perfectly matched with an Americano coffee; the soft spice of vanilla compliments the round and robust taste of the coffee bean. Pack enough vanilla tobacco to ensure that the cigarette is not overpowered by the strong taste of the coffee. The vanilla tones will slightly soften the often bitter taste of coffee and add a sense of sweetness that is usually provided by heaped teaspoons of sugar.

Cherry Brandy Pipe
One of the beautiful things about the pipe is the way that the taste and flavour envelope the senses when being smoked. The flavour of the tobacco can line the senses, creating a platform for other tastes to perform upon. Smoking cherry brandy tobacco through a pipe creates a base of that flavour that can be used to create whole new tones. On a warm summer’s day, enjoy a glass of ice cold pineapple juice alongside a cherry brandy pipe to make your own Singapore sling. The two subtly fruity flavours combine to create a refreshing and exotic taste that is enjoyed around the world.

Rum Flake Pipe
Rum and chocolate have long gone hand-in-hand to create exciting and invigorating flavours. Both flavours are simultaneously bitter and sweet, creating intense aromas and tastes. Using rum flake pipe tobacco the piqued sweet flavours can be embellished with the help of a hot chocolate. A perfect before-bed treat; the hot chocolate and rum pipe is as indulgent as it is relaxing. The warming sensation of both the hot chocolate and the pipe makes this combination ideal for a winter’s eve.

Black Honey Pipe
The natural sweetness of the flavours in honey complements the bitter tastes of whiskey perfectly. There are a number of whiskeys based drinks such as Drambuie that have a taste heavily influenced by honey flavours. Mix a peaty whiskey with black honey pipe tobacco to create the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. This combination works very well as a digestif after a large and indulgent meal.

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