Fathers Day Gift Ideas

It is now less than a month until Father’s Day, so the perfect time to plan the perfect gift for your dad. This is especially prudent for people who live in a different country to their Father and have to take delivery times into consideration. Father’s Day is the time of the year to indulge your Dad’s greatest passions and interests. For those with a Father who loves the taste and sensation of smoking, here are a few ideal gift ideas.

A Quality Zippo
If your Father bemoans the limited longevity of a disposable lighter, then a Zippo lighter may be the perfect gift. World renowned for their long-lasting ability and high quality functionality; a Zippo lighter could become your Father’s long-time companion. There are many different Zippo designs representing sports teams, car brands and lifestyles so you can indulge another of your Father’s great passions.

Blue Ridge Tobacco
One of the most popular pre-packaged tobacco brands available in the UK; Blue Ridge has a rich and luxurious taste perfect for a well packed cigarette. The popularity of the product has even lead to shortages in some of the country’s best known supermarkets. The easy smoking sensation provided by Blue Ridge Tobacco invigorates the tastes buds and the nose.

Briar Pipe
There are few items in the world of tobacco as indulgent as a high quality pipe. The pipe is always reminiscent of the aristocratic groups who would enjoy the strong flavours and smoking sensation emitted by a pipe packed with a good quality pipe tobacco. If your Father has help a long passion for tobacco and pipes in particular then his pipes may have suffered from significant usage. A new Briar Pipe will allow him to enjoy the taste of the tobacco as it was intended without years of other tobaccos affecting the taste.

Cigarette Case
This is the ideal gift for a Father who likes to roll a day’s or a week’s worth of cigarettes at a time. The perfect storage solution for his rolled cigarettes to protect them against getting crushed or ruined in pockets or bags. Available in a number of different styles, your Father’s personality can be represented in the cigarette case that you buy him. Hard-wearing cigarette cases can last for an incredibly long time and be a long-term companion for your Father in the battle against crushed and compromised cigarettes.

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