Tobacco Retailers Want Limit On Tobacco Brought Into UK

Tobacco retailers are backing a so-called “hard Brexit” to prevent tobacco product tourists and EU travellers from bringing vast amounts of tobacco in the UK.

The Tobacco Retailers’ Alliance wants the UK Government to limit tobacco brought into the UK, labelling tobacco product tourism as a major source of cheap tobacco.

The owner of a South-East news agent says that he wants the UK to limit 200 cigarettes per person for people coming into the UK. He asserts that if the UK takes control of its borders, it will take control of illicit tobacco trade.

The shop worker explains that many coach companies organise short-term trips to European countries with a smaller tax levy and make tobacco purchases of up to £15,000.

British cigarettes are among the most expensive in Europe, with the cheapest at £9.35, four times higher than in the cheapest countries. Norway’s cigarettes are the most expensive.

A spokesperson for the Tobacco Retailers’ Alliance says that illicit tobacco trade and retail crime go hand-in-hand. HM Revenue & Customs is working to prevent these “tobacco cruises”.

Moreover, the organisation has called on the UK government to freeze UK tobacco duty, and penalise traders that sell illicit tobacco.

It’s been reported that tax hikes are harming the tobacco industry, limiting the tobacco that the world’s leading tobacco companies are distributing.

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