History Of The Cohiba Cigar

Cohiba cigars are one of the most popular in the world, and are a huge export from tobacco companies based in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

These cigars are highly distinctive, created with a unique blend of tobacco leaves, and were the long-time favourite of Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro until he gave up smoking cigars in 1985.

Castro was such a big fan of Cohiba cigars that he established a private production brand in 1966, so he could exclusively receive these coveted cigars. Once established, they were made especially for Fidel Castro, and Cohiba cigars have long been synonymous with the former Cuban leader.

“It was so soft — and it was not an overly compact cigar. It was easy to smoke,” Castro said in 1994, to a Cigar Aficionado editor.

Cuban Cohiba cigars are grown in the countries’ renowned tobacco-growing area, the Vuelta Abajo.

Cohiba cigars from Tobacco Specialists include Cohiba Mini Cigars, a small but impressionable cigar that encapsulate the true flavour of the classic Cuban export.

Providing the sophistication and smell that cigar smokers are looking for, the Cohibas are smooth and easy to smoke.

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