Ten pack ban and E-Cigarettes laws come into force

The ban on ten packs of cigarettes will come into force today, with cigarettes sold in the UK to become the first to undergo standardised packaging.

From today all packaging will require to be olive green, with the same: case, size, font and text appearance.

The new law follows the ruling made by European Court Justice earlier this month in the attempt to reduce the number of smokers, this ruling will also see Menthols banned by 2020.

As well as the ban on ten packs, e-cigarettes also face new regulations and will now have to include health warnings and advertisement restrictions.

Whilst the law on all hand rolling tobacco and cigarette products must comply with the new ruling, shops will be allowed a one-year transitional period to sell old stock, meaning by 21 May 2017 banned products will no longer be sold in shops.

Yesterday four of the world’s biggest tobacco companies’ appeals were rejected by judicial review, the High Court judge claimed that: “There is no basis upon which I could or should strike down the regulations or prevent them coming into effect tomorrow.”

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