Things to consider when purchasing your first pipe

It is important when looking for a pipe that it meets several requirements in order for you to feel satisfied with the quality. Appearance and mechanics are the two important factors you need to consider when looking for your first pipe; we will look into the importance of all things that should be considered when you are buying your first pipe.


One of the most important things to consider is that you must enjoy the feel and look of the pipe. It won’t matter if the pipe was mechanically flawless and a decent price, if you find yourself not using the pipe for months because it’s no longer your style it would be a waste of money.

We recommend that you buy a pipe you like meaning you will need to look at a lot of pipes, taking every opportunity to look at pipes until one jumps out at you.


Once you have picked one that you like the look and feel of, you will need to examine it. Examining your pipe means you will need to effectively look for possible design flaws that could cause the pipe to be impossible to keep lit, even together or clean.

So how do you ensure your pipe is flawless? These are some of the things you will need to look out for when picking your pipe.

Poorly aligned parts – Pipes are accurately aligned and have a perfect smooth airway from end of the mouthpiece to the draft hole in the bowl. If it is a misaligned tenon union and mortise it can cause the pipe to smoke loudly. However, some pipes are purposely designed with some moisture trap for people who prefer it.

Fills – Pits or Large holes in the pipe filled with putty don’t interfere with the smoking of the pipe, but it more so causes the pipe to not age or colour as well as the rest of the briar and could affect the appearance of the pipe.

Varnish – Whilst most finishes won’t affect the pipe, a vanished finish has a tendency to bubble or flake.

Metal filters – Having these inserts in stems, commonly seen in low grade pipes will cause a noisy wet smoke as a result of condensation.

At Tobacco Specialists we sell quality pipes, visit us in store or order yours online to find a pipe that you can be happy with.


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