Phillip Morris Continues Sponsorship Of Ferrari

In a controversial move, Ferrari has renewed their highly prosperous partnership with tobacco giant Phillip Morris and their Marlboro brand.

Marlboro, one of Phillip Morris’ brands, has had a relationship with Ferrari for over 40 years, despite a ban on tobacco advertising. The last time the Marlboro logo was visible on a Ferrari F1 car was 2007.

The colour of the F1 Ferraris remains the same as Marlboro’s packaging; red with white livery.

“Ferrari N.V. announces that Scuderia Ferrari has renewed its multi-year partnership with Philip Morris International,” said Ferrari in a statement. “The agreement continues the collaboration of over 40 years between Philip Morris International and Scuderia Ferrari.”

Phillip Morris is the only tobacco company that is still associated with the Formula One, and uses its association with Ferrari to promote Marlboro in certain places.

Once upon a time, several tobacco companies were involved with the Formula One. Almost everywhere the spectator looked, there was the branding of a cigarette brand.

The history of cigarette advertising is a long and controversial one, and it has long had an association with the Formula One. Despite dwindling out over the years due to advertising restrictions, it seems that the Phillip Morris-Ferrari relationship is not dead yet.

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