A History Of The Smoking Pipe

The smoking pipe has long been a symbol of class, sophistication and style, and Tobacco Specialists stock a tremendous range of smoking pipes.

Pipe smoking is the oldest known traditional form of smoking, inhaling tobacco that’s stored in the bowl through the shank and from the mouthpiece.

The value of these smoking pipes is wide ranging, differing in price from affordable machine-made pipes to ancient artefacts and classic smoking pipe designs.

Although pipes and tobacco leaves have been found in Egyptian mummies, North American Indians pipes are most widely considered to have first used smoking pipes.

Many notable Brits have used smoking pipes, including some of our most famous politicians, including Clement Attlee, Tony Benn and Harold Wilson.

Although the number of pipe smokers has declined over the years, there are still those who keep the pipe smoking tradition alive.

Tobacco Specialists stock an incredible range of quality smoking pipes, varying in size, style, brand and cost.

Whether you’re after an expertly hand-crafted masterpiece or just an affordable smoking pipe, you will find the right product at Tobacco Specialists.

From Briar and Orlik pipes to a range of pipe accessories, we ensure that our customers are properly kitted out for their smoking.

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