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Additional Uses for Tobacco

Everybody is encouraged to recycle and re-use nowadays. With the environment in seemingly terminal turmoil, there are more and more reasons to make the most of what you have. This mantra includes tobacco, which as well as providing pleasure for the smoker, chewer and snuffer can also be used for a myriad of different purposes.


Tobacco can be used as an incredibly efficient insect repellent. Regular cigarette tobacco in small amounts mixed in water can be added to indoor plants. The nicotine from the tobacco is released and acts as an all-purpose repellent.

Gophers and moles are pests that seem to live exclusively to ruin all gardens that they come across. Luckily, the little pests hate tobacco. Simply scatter shredded tobacco onto the lawn and the moles and gophers will in turn scatter.

A Floridian company has gone as far as to create a tobacco-based pesticide spray for use in gardens.


A large number of researchers and bioengineering entrepreneurs have started using tobacco plants as hosts for engineering processes that could be used to produce new antibiotics, vaccines, cancer treatments, additional medicines, blood substitutes.

So the tobacco industry that is criticised so heavily for its impact upon health, could in turn end up improving the lives of innumerable sick people.

Clean Contaminated Areas

Areas that have been contaminated as a by-product of production of weapons and munitions are often unsafe to re-use. Growing tobacco in these contaminated areas could help clean them and reduce the risk that they present. Tobacco is perfect for this job as the plant grows quickly, is easy to harvest and produces millions of new seeds per plant.


The world seems to have gripped by a fuel crisis for as long as anybody dares to remember. Alternatives have been considered for years but none as of yet managed to replace petroleum. It has been proposed that tobacco could be used in process to create superior alternatives. The tobacco would be used to extract its own oils and sugars to be used as fuels.

This is considered to be a very attractive option for scientists who believe that tobacco can produce and generate a higher amount of oil and sugar more efficiently than other crops.

So next time you decide to brush any spilled pipe tobacco into the bin, consider what other uses you could be putting it to and who it could help in the long run.

Our delivery charge is only £6.00 (per order) for deliveries in the UK only

Our delivery charge is only £6.00 (per order) for deliveries in the UK only
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