Tobacco Storage Ideas

For the smoker who enjoys a cigar or a pipe once in a while; storage can become a major problem. Those who only like a smoke on special occasions may find themselves throwing out unused tobacco with alarming regularity. This can lead to an excessive waste of tobacco and a necessity to invest more money than anticipated. Correct and full storage of tobacco can improve its lifespan and longevity.

It is important to store tobacco in an airtight container. If the tobacco is exposed to too much oxygen then it may dry out and lose its flavour. A tobacco tin is a popular choice for those who roll their own cigarettes or pack their own pipes. A high-quality metal tobacco tin can help keep cigarette and pipe-tobacco fresh and in near-perfect condition for use further down the line. Most tobacco shops stock a wide range of ait tight tobacco containers.

If you are recycling an airtight container to store tobacco, first ensure that you have thoroughly washed and disinfected the container. Subtle odours may remain within the container and infect the tobacco that has been stored within. This will compromise the taste provided by the cigar or the pipe tobacco.

A common mistake that many people make is storing different forms of tobacco together. Pipe tobacco, cigarette tobacco and cigars are all unique in their make-up and need to be treated as individuals. Storing cigars with pipe tobacco can be disastrous as the former acts as a sponge and can actually dry out the latter. This will leave the pipe tobacco difficult to smoke and lessen the taste and experience.

It is important not to store pipe tobacco in a cigar humidor. The cedars that make up the humidor can absorb the moisture of the tobacco that is contained within. The aroma of the tobacco will also be absorbed, lowering the smoke quality. This aroma may be replaced with a sense of cedar.

Cigars on the other hand are perfectly suited to being stored in a humidor. Add an extra touch of flavour to the cigar by using whiskey instead of water to retain the moisture with the humidor. This will add a unique twist to smoking a cigar.

Never add moisture to tobacco that you are storing for a long period. This added moisture can lead to mould growing upon the tobacco. This tobacco will strongly compromise the smoking experience provided by the tobacco and completely ruin the taste.

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