Sourcing your Cigars

The production of high quality cigars and the tobacco leaves that they are made of rely upon very specific conditions. The correct temperature and humidity is a necessity to create the flavour, the sensation and the body that are necessary for an enjoyable and fulfilling smoke. These sources are often found in Central America due to the perfect mix of moisture in the air and temperature to grow large amounts of high quality tobacco.

The most well-known of all cigar-producing countries in the world; Cuba is symbolic for Castro and cigars. Many citizens of USA bemoan the trade embargo placed upon the two countries due to the lack of Cuban cigars on the open market. The taste and quality of Cuban cigars combined with their fierce reputation make them a hotly sought-after commodity. The country’s capital Havana lends its name to the much-used nickname of a popular cigar.

The Honduran cigar industry exploded in the 1960s when the Cuban market became nationalised. This led to many of Cuba’s finest cigar producers moving to Honduras and sharing their skills and accrued knowledge. The fertile land of Honduras ensured that these cigar producing experts had plenty of the basic tools needed to produce high quality cigars.

Dominican Republican
The Dominican cigar is often recognisable for its smooth and mild taste compared to the likes of its’ Cuban and Honduran counterparts. A popular tourist destination; fields upon fields add to the lush and beautiful scenery that the country enjoys. The cigar has long been a staple of the Dominican peoples’ life having been cultivated and smoked by the island’s indigenous Taino people. The country now exports more than 350 million cigars every year.

The southern city of Miami has long held a tradition of producing high quality cigars. With a climate more comparable with Cuba than the northern reaches of the USA; Miami cultivates a large amount of tobacco. The reputation of the USA’s cigar production is not as high as Cuba but the 50 years of trade embargo has allowed its growers to flourish and learn new tricks to creating high quality tobacco.

One of the most well-known brands in cigar production is surprisingly based in Europe. Dutch company Henry Wintermans sources their tobacco leaves from the finest plantations in Cuba, Colombia and Indonesia to create a smoking experience rich in flavour. There is very little tobacco produced in Europe due to the insufficient climate.

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