Winston Churchill 141st birthday

Today would have been Winston Churchill’s 141st birthday, Churchill was an inspirational statesman, writer and orator who served as a conservative Prime Minister twice from 1940 until 1945 and again in 1951 to 1955. He was also known for helping to lead Britain into victory during the Second World War.

Churchill was famous for his larger than life persona with his love of drinking and love of cigars. He was notoriously known for smoking 10 cigars a day. His favourite cigar brand was Romeo y Julieta.

Named after William Shakespeare’s tragic lovers of the same name, Romeo y Julieta was introduced in 1875 by Alvarez y Garcia, however became more popular after it was sold to Fernandez Rodriguez in 1903. Keeping its respects to its Cuban inheritance, Romeo y Julieta has remained one of the most beloved cigar brands.

As Churchill was one of the brands most famous devotees, the brand created cigars in his honour ranging in sizes from small with Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill, to large with Romeo y Julieta Churchill Reserva 2008.

At Tobacco Specialists we sell only the finest cigars, including Churchill’s favourite brand, Romeo y Julieta.

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