Useful Tobacco Terminology T to V

Here we are at the penultimate entry in out tobacco terminology list. Expect to see a lot of terms incorporating the word tobacco as we tackle letters T, U and V.


The Spanish term for cigar factory.


This is the literal Spanish translation for tobacco but is synonymous in Cuba with cigars.


Tabaquero is the Spanish name for the cigar roller, cigar dealer or somebody who has a close professional relationship to cigars.


The wooden surface used to roll cigars on. Traditionally, it is made from a very hard wood and placed atop a work surface.


The act of softly packing down the burning tobacco in order to keep it lit for longer.


A tool used for packing tobacco in a pipe. Expert pipe smokers tend to prefer tampers made from soft metals such as pewter.

Tasting Methodology

The guidelines used for evaluating tobacco products, split into three separate areas: Observation, Description & Comparison, and Evaluation.


The palm bark bundles which are used to package fine tobacco wrappers during the aging process. The bark is wet down and tightly molded around tobacco piles.

Tobacco Beetle

The tobacco beetle is a pest that starts life as a microscopic egg found in food and tobacco. These eggs can develop into larva and adult beetles which can eat through the tobacco.


This is the act of removing flowers from tobacco plants to ensure that the plant refocuses on growing the leaves.


This refers to a cigar that is tapered at both ends so looks like a torpedo.

Touch Up

The touch up is the process of evening up the burned end of the cigar to ensure that it burns through more evenly.

Trick Pipe

Trick pipes are pipes that are manufactured to have a novel feature.


Tripa translates literally into ‘guts’ and refers to the filler tobacco used in cigars.

Twist Tobacco

Twist tobacco is pipe tobacco that is made from leaves that are twisted together like a rope. Sometimes it is known as rope tobacco.


The fifth taste sensation, described in Japanese as deliciousness. Umami is a savoury taste, often found in foods such as fermented foods, aged cheese, meat and even breast milk.


The specific plot of land on a farm where the tobacco leaves are grown and cultivated.


Like in wine, the vintage refers to the year that the tobacco leaf used in a cigar or pipe tobacco is harvested.


One of the most popular types of tobacco in the world and is used heavily in cigarettes and pipes. It is naturally high in sugar.


Vitolphilia is the collecting and studying of cigar brands and labels.


The hard vulcanised rubber that is effectively used to build pipe stems. Vulcanite is easier on the teeth that other stem materials.

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