Lighting Up Get the Low Down on Tobacco

There are a large number of people in today’s society who smoke tobacco. Not many people actually know much about tobacco and where it comes from. Tobacco Specialists give you the low down on what tobacco is and the laws which govern it.

What is Tobacco?

Grown in warm climates, tobacco is a green leafy plant and in order for it to be used it has to be picked, dried and then ground up. It has a number of uses sometimes people choose to smoke it in a cigarette, pipe or cigar whilst others choose to chew tobacco and even sniff it through the nose.

It is commonly found within the cigarettes that you smoke and many smokers believe that in smoking it they become more relaxed and in a better position to be able to handle stress and feel less hungry.

Tobacco contains nicotine which alters the way our body works and thus it has to be classed as a drug. It is the nicotine contained in tobacco which gives smokers their “hit” and makes it highly addictive. Other common names which people often refer to tobacco as is smokes, shisha, rollies, fags, ciggies, and baccy.

What are the effects of tobacco?

Although smoking tobacco could help people to feel relaxed and stress free the reality is that tobacco smoke does contain over 4,000 chemicals and many have effect on parts of the human body inclusive of your brain, heart, mouth and lungs.

Common cancers which are regularly associated with smoking are because of these harmful chemicals (tar) which is found in cigarette smoke. When a tobacco smoker inhales it is said that within 8 seconds the nicotine in the smoke reaches the brain.

Smoking tobacco will change the way your body acts, nicotine found in tobacco is a stimulant and often tobacco smoker find that their nervous system is sped up so sometimes they feel like they are more alive and energetic. It makes your heart beat faster than normal and also raises your blood pressure.

What is the law concerning tobacco?

Although tobacco is legal, the law has changed numerous times concerning the sale of tobacco. It is now illegal for any shopkeepers to sell tobacco or any tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18. Also it is illegal to sell single cigarettes to anyone whether it is an adult or a child as all cigarettes must be sold in their original packaging.

Smoking has now however been banned in public spaces across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Tobacco Specialists take the law very seriously and we will not sell our tobacco products to those under the age of 18. We stock a wide range of different forms of tobacco and many of our products are perfect for those who smoke a pipe although they will fulfil the needs of all smokers. Take a look at our full range of tobacco products.

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