Useful Tobacco Terminology R to S

Skipping the letter Q, due to a lack of relevant terms, we arrive at letters R and S in our journey through the tobacco alphabet.

The acronym for Roll Your Own cigarettes; these cigarettes usually use shag cut tobacco for easy rolling and smoking.

Ready Rubbed
Ready Rubbed tobacco is a flake cut pipe tobacco that has already been broken up before packaging.

This is a pipe tool that cleans out the excess char from the bowl and helps create an even cake; the reamer is shaped to fit inside the chamber and apply even pressure along the interior walls.

Relative Humidity
This is the measure humidity, expressed as a percentage of the moisture content in the air. The ideal humidity level for storing cigars is 70%.

The act of inhaling smoke from a cigarette and moving it up to the nasal passage and exhaling through the nose. This is done by smokers to create a powerful synergy of taste and olfaction.

Retronasal Olfaction
Retronasal Olfaction is the act of sensing odours and smells in the mouth.

Ribbon Cut
Tobacco cut into thin, long ribbons that are shorter and thicker than traditional shag cut tobacco.

This term refers to cigar wrappers with a red tint and translates literally into ‘reddish’.

Rubbing Out
Rubbing out is the process of breaking up dense tobacco in the palm of the hand. This is done by placing the tobacco in the palm of what hand and apply pressure gently with the other hand.

San Andres Negro
This is the most famous Mexican cigar varietal grown in the San Andres valley.

Cigar scissors are shaped specifically to cut the head of a cigar neatly and precisely.

The scraper is a spoon-like tool that is used to remove excess char from a pipe chamber. These can damage the interior of pipes however.

Second cigars are the cigars that have not met the aesthetic or construction standards of the manufacturer and are sold unbranded and without boxes.

This term is quite self-explanatory and refers to strains of tobacco that are grown under cover to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun.

Sometimes spelled as Sheesha, this is the tobacco used for smoking in a Hookah. This tobacco is usually pre-moistened with water, honey or molasses.

Memories evoked by certain smells and sensations.

The belief held by non-smokers that they are morally superior to smokers.

Ground up, powder-like tobacco that is inhaled through the nose. It is sometimes referred to as dipping tobacco in the US.

Popular in Sweden and Norway, Snus is similar to Snuff that is placed between the lip and gums.

Stalk Cut
Unlike priming, stalk cut tobaccos harvest the entire tobacco plant in one go.

Stemming is the act of removing the stems of wrapper leaves. This creates a smoother texture for the exterior of the cigar.

Popular with wagon drivers in the US in the 1700s, Stogies are 7” cigars that are officially known as Cheroots.

Sucker leaves are the leaves that are removed so the nutrients will flow to the primary leaves. Every tobacco plant has these, so must be removed meticulously.

Sun Grown
These are tobacco plants that are grown directly under sunlight.

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