Biography of a Great Smoker P.Diddy

The richest man in hip hop, P Diddy, has something of a contentious relationship with cigars having been sued by a prominent cigar maker in 2003 for featuring footage of their secret production process in one of his music videos.

Despite this, the rapper and music producer has retained a great love for smoking cigars, including them in many of his music videos and rarely being photographed without one in his mouth or in his hand.

So iconic and central to his image are P Diddy’s cigars that when a super fan broke into his home in 2012, he made a beeline for the star’s cigars. In a bid to feel more like the superstar (real name Sean Combs) the fan smoked three of P Diddy’s Dutch Masters cigars before settling down into his hero’s bed.

With his vast earned wealth, Combs enjoys the finer things in life having grown up in poverty. His father, an associate of drug dealers and criminals, was shot dead when Combs was just a child and the remaining family members were left to cope in one of the roughest areas of New York.

P Diddy’s earliest forays into the world of business and music came when he dropped out of University and became an intern at Uptown Records where he developed a number of stars including Mary J Blige.

Despite his success Diddy was fired from his role at Uptown Records and started his own label, Bad Boy Records. His label signed and produced a number of the World’s biggest hip hop and RnB stars including Notorious B.I.G, Faith Evans, Usher, Lil Kim, TLC, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men and even worked with legendary singer Aretha Franklin.

P Diddy has had a number of cigars made especially for his personal delectation including one flavoured like a caramel machiatto in 2011.

So whilst his stage name has changed innumerate times (he has also gone by the monikers – Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy and Puff) his love of cigars has continued unchallenged and unchanged. Despite the legal battles and crazed fans – you’ll still see Sean Combs in his next music video with cigar in hand.

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