Useful Tobacco Terminology M

We have reached the halfway mark of our rundown of useful tobacco terms with M to N influences from around the world have shaped this part of the smoking lexicon.

Machine Made
A sometimes derisory term referring to cigars that are bunched and wrapped by machine, these cigars are not usually considered fine by Aficionados.

A wrapper of a dark or black colour. These colouring are formed by late primings or stalk cutting broadleaf tobaccos.

Magnesium is the soil element which affects the density of ash, too much can create ash flaking.

A land measurement used in Latin America it is approximately 1.7 acres but can vary from country to country.

Marrying Room
This is the room where bundles of 50 cigars are stored in cedar cabinets after rolling. This allows the cigars to lose some of the excessive humidity and reach a balanced standard.

The maturation point is when tobacco leaves are ready for priming. At this point, tobacco leaves lay horizontally and the centre vein has a yellowish colour.

Media Rueda
This is the Spanish term for a 50 cigar bundle, also known as a Half Wheel.

Meerschaum is a light, white, clay like mineral found primarily in Turkey and used to create pipes.

MSA Master Settlement Agreement
The Master Settlement Agreement was an agreement made by the US states making tobacco the most regulated and highly taxed industry in the world.

Natural Cavendish
Natural Cavendish is pipe tobacco that is steamed with sugars or flavourings in the water, giving it a mild flavour.

Navy Cut
The process used by sailors to create a rope of tobacco using a long canvas tube. Coins of tobacco were cut from the end and smoked.

One of the most recognisable names on this list, nicotine is the naturally occurring alkaloid found in tobacco. It is known for its relaxing effect.

Nitrogen is a soil component which increases root growth, nicotine content, plant yield, leaf width and the lustre of the leaf.

Non Aromatic
This refers to tobaccos that do not have any additional flavourings added to them. It is something of a misnomer however, as the tobacco still produces an aroma.

The Nub is the last 1 to 2 inches of a cigar.

The act of smoking the Nub, also known as smoking past the band.

Nutrient Erosion
A geographical term wherein nutrients flow from surrounding hills into the valley.

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