Biography of a Great Smoker Al Capone

Arguably the most famous gangster of all time and the man with better connections in 20th century USA than anyone else Al Capone was a noted cigar smoker. Upon losing his court case and freedom, Capone reacted by lighting up a cigar a treasured memento of his time as a free man.

Al Capone was born in 1899 and incarcerated in the prison system (including a stint in the infamous island prison Alcatraz) in 1931, but he managed to fit a lifetime of notoriety in those short 32 years. Celebrated by many Americans of the time as a modern day Robin Hood; Capone eschewed the unpopular laws of the time to help the common man enjoy himself.

His most famous coup was running the largest crime syndicate during the American prohibition – a period in which the consumption of alcohol was completely banned. Unnerved by the legal system, Capone started illegally importing alcohol in the country and selling it to bars who in turn served it to meet the unwavering demand of the general public. This granted him a saint-like reputation with those who had vehemently protested the implementation of prohibition.

Capone moved to further legitimise his activity and grant it an ethical status by donating huge sums of his fortune to charitable endeavours.

This has helped preserve his memory in a more positive light than may traditionally be reserved for a man who had engaged in such a high quantity of illegal activities. So cherished is his memory and his appreciation of fine tobacco, that there are a number of cigar brands who have named products in his honour.

Born into relative poverty, Capone was one of nine born to Italian immigrants. He left school at the age of 14 and began work in a multitude of low-paying jobs before becoming involved in criminal activities. As his empire grew and grew, Capone became more enamoured with the finer things in life such as high quality cigars, custom suits and gourmet food.

Capone’s legacy continues to live on thanks to his innumerate portrayal in the arts with some of the World’s finest actors having played the role of his life including Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. Whilst his life’s activity may not have been ethical, it is unforgettable as he has cemented his position as one of the memorable characters of modern lore.


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