Types of Tobacco

The tobacco industry caters to wide range of tastes and fancies. Born from this is a large variety of tobacco types and mediums in which to enjoy it. How and where to start can seem daunting for the tobacco novice. Here is a simple guide to the different varieties readily available, their benefits and how to smoke them.

Pipe Tobacco

Pipe smoking has long been the epitome of sophistication, conjuring up images of the distinguished and well-to-do relaxing with graceful puffs upon their pipe. This is hardly surprising when you consider that smoking a pipe excites and piques all of the senses. A smooth cloud of smoke softly envelopes the nasal passageway as the taste of the tobacco lingers on the palate. Tobacco specifically designed for smoking through a pipe is available coarsely cut or in rope form. The rope form pipe tobacco requires a little preparation before smoking. Using a knife or cigar cutter simply cut a coin sized disk from the end of the rope and place into your pipe. The coarse cut pipe tobacco requires no work and merely needs to be placed into the pipe.

Pre Packed Tobacco

The most common form of tobacco, pre-packed is the one that you most likely will have seen in your local shop. A common misconception is that this product is just for individuals on a budget but the wide range of flavours and scents available means that this cheap tobacco is ever popular with a wide demographic. Most commonly rolled inside cigarette papers, this simple to smoke tobacco is as versatile as it is popular.

Shag Tobacco

A favourite of Sherlock Holmes; shag tobacco can provide an alternative to both pre packed and pipe tobacco. In many tobacco shop shag will be weighed out in front of the customer so they can enjoy as much or as little as they please. From vanilla to black cherry; shag is available in an incredible range of flavours making each smoking experience unique, surprising and enjoyable.

Herbal Tobacco

Used for a variety of different reasons; herbal tobacco has become a practical part of many people’s lives. For health or personal reasons, a significant number of people cannot smoke tobacco but still strive to pursue the physical and social act of smoking. Herbal tobaccos can help provide an alternative to nicotine for those who crave it. Combining the physical act of smoking without the nicotine or tobacco, herbal tobacco has become a useful tool for people trying to quit smoking.

With laws restricting the exposure of smoking, it can seem daunting and distant. There is however aficionados and advocates of this revered pastime willing to help you enjoy the art of smoking fine tobacco.

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