How to Roll a Cigarette

Due to the almost endless options available in terms of tobacco and rolling papers, the self-rolled cigarette is proving to be more popular than ever. Many people are choosing to eschew the pre-packaged cigarettes for a taste and sensation that is more personal and enjoyable to the individual.

With the tax on cigarettes ever-increasing, many people are seeking Cheap Tobacco alternatives. Rolling shag tobacco is one of the most affordable and enjoyable alternatives. The adaptable shag can be used both in cigarettes or as Pipe Tobacco making it even more economical. The only hurdle is learning how to roll for the first time. Here is a helpful guide to rolling your first cigarette.

Upon returning from the Tobacco Shop, make sure that you have your tobacco, rolling papers, filters and a flat surface on which to roll. Lay the tobacco that you want to use onto the surface in the rough shape and size of the final cigarette. Using your stronger hand hold the rolling paper softly with the crease between your middle finger and thumb. Place your index finger in the crease to steady the paper.

The paper should be sitting like a half-pipe with one lip longer than the other. Using your weaker hand, sprinkle the tobacco evenly into the paper. The more level the tobacco, the smoother the cigarette will burn. Leave space at one end for the filter. Now hold the cigarette between the thumb and middle finger of both hands having moved the index finger away.

Using your thumbs, roll the blossoming cigarette between your thumbs and middle fingers. This will mould the Pipe Tobacco into the desired shape. When the tobacco is resting in the shape of a cigarette, use the thumbs to pull the lip of the rolling paper in line with the top of the tobacco. Pressure the lip of the rolling paper over the top of the tobacco and tuck it in between the tobacco and the other side of the rolling paper. It should fit snugly without any creases or folds.

You have now created the basic shape of the cigarette, using the thumbs push the tobacco encased by the rolling paper away from you so it is wrapped in the rolling paper more so. This makes the cigarette sturdier. Leave the edge with the glue unrolled, then lick. Seal the cigarette by evenly applying pressure. Twist the end of the cigarette you intend on lighting to prevent any tobacco falling out. Slide a filter in the end that you left empty. If the gap is larger than the filter, wrap it in rolling paper to ensure a snug fit.

It may take a couple of practice runs but soon you be able to enjoy any type of shag tobacco that you desire at a price more affordable than pre-packaged cigarettes.

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