How to Cut then Roll Twist Tobacco

Twist tobacco looks markedly different to the most common types of tobacco that the majority of people encounter. This can lead to slight confusion as to how to treat it or even what to do with it at all! The task of preparing, cutting, rolling and smoking twist tobacco can be entirely daunting. Luckily, here is an easy-to-follow and concise guide as to how to prepare and enjoy twist Pipe Tobacco.

Twist tobacco has the appearance of a length of inflexible rope consisting of cut tobacco that has been spun together. Usually twist tobaccos are about an inch and a half thick and compactly packed.

After returning from the Tobacco Shop and removing the twist from the package, the first thing to do it is to take a cigar cutter or a sharp knife. Use these tools to cut off segments of the twist tobacco in a similar size and shape as a coin. Ensure that the blade used is very sharp and sturdy. If the blade is blunt then the cut will not be clean and the tobacco may splinter off. Furthermore, a blunt knife may lead to struggling which can be very dangerous.

Using a cigar cutter will create more regimented and measured cuts. The simple, quick motion will create a smoother cut than the sawing action of a knife.

It is then entirely up to your discretion as to what you do with the small coins of tobacco from then on in. You can either place the full coin into the bowl of the pipe. Alternatively, you can fold and the coin before placing into the bowl or you can cut the coin into fine, coarse tobacco shreddings. The latter may allow you to pack more tobacco into the bowl, so this technique would be preferable for those who enjoy a stronger taste. It is advisable to experiment slightly when first taking up smoking twist tobacco to see which technique you enjoy the most.

Then to perfectly light the Pipe Tobacco, first complete a charring light. This is designed to expel any moisture that may be present within the tobacco. Light a match and apply to the tobacco, moving it in a circular motion around the surface. Take shallow puffs upon the pipe at this time. The tobacco should swell and shrivel during this process as the moisture is being heated off. Once the tobacco has settled, relight the match and repeat the lighting exercise, taking larger draws. Extinguish the lit match and enjoy your pipe.

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