Festive Tobacco Presents

The holiday period is the perfect time to spoil the ones you love with indulgent gifts. Special treats that they would not usually enjoy are permitted and excused at this time of the year. Many luxuries such as fine food, wines and tobacco are exchanged with love and care. The latter of these is available in a wide range of different mediums as a special treat for the discerning smoker. Treat the passionate tobacco fan to a unique and unusual smoking gift from a Tobacco Shop this holiday period.

Corn Cob Pipe

The Corn Cob pipe is synonymous with simpler times. Using materials from their immediate vicinity, smokers fashioned smoking devices out of many growths and resources. The corn cob pipe has become one of the most symbolic and sought after smoking mediums. As functional as it is fashionable, the corn cob pipe is not just to be enjoyed as mere decoration. Smoking out of a corn cob pipe gives a unique smoking experience with Pipe Tobacco.

Electronic Cigarette

There are many benefits that can be enjoyed when smoking an electronic cigarette. The nicotine rush and intoxicating taste remain but the smoke is significantly lessened. Those who still feel aggrieved about having to smoke outside may be particularly pleased to receive this as a gift. Many establishments allow the smoker to enjoy an electronic cigarette inside. The electronic cigarette is particularly beneficial at this time of incredibly adverse weather conditions.

Flavoured Tobaccos

Gift giving during the holiday period is all about giving the ones you love something new and unique that they would not usually buy. Those who regularly smoke pipe tobacco may enjoy the rare deviation from the more traditional tastes. With a wide variety of thick, deep flavours such as Black Cherry and Peach Brandy, every taste and fancy is catered for. This gift allows the smoker to experience new tastes and may even find one that becomes their personal favourite.


If a loved one with a passion for smoking is using disposable lighters with little or no reliability, they may benefit greatly from a high quality Zippo. Recognised around the world as one of the foremost lighter manufacturers, Zippo lighters represent quality and class. Cigarette and cigar smokers equally enjoy the reliability of Zippo lighters. Available in a wide range of different designs and styles, there is a Zippo lighter to suit the taste of almost every smoker in the world. Adorned with brandings are varied as Arsenal FC and Jim Beam, it is possible to combine the smokers’ love of tobacco with another of their big passions.

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