Halloween Vampire Vape

To mark the Halloween season, why not try our selection of Vampire Vape E Liquids. With a wide range of flavours to offer, you are spoiled for choice. Vampire Vape use only the best quality ingredients in their E Liquids, and are all manufactured in the UK. All of our Vampire E Liquids are available to be sold with either 12g or 18g strength, in a 10ml bottle.

Blackcurrant – Realistic fruity blackcurrant aroma.

Black Ice – Aniseed with a cool ice menthol mix.

Blueberry – Perfect for fruit lovers, this is another juicy option for your E Cigarette.

Bubblegum – Sweet sugary flavour with a sweet lasting aroma.

Pear Drops – A reminiscent of the popular sweet.

Pineapple – This is an incredibly juicy and exotic E Liquid which is full of flavour.

Sarsaparilla Drops – Sweet taste of root beer.

Strawberry Milkshake – Incredibly Sweet and creamy flavour, with the familiar childhood taste.

Sweet Tobacco - This is a take on the classic tobacco taste with a hint of sweetness.

Watermelon – Another fruit addition to the list, watermelon is another juicy fruit favourite.

At Tobacco Specialist we sell quality products, which is why we sell a wide range of Vampire Vape E Liquids.

Due to the new E Cigarette smoking regulations that started on 1 October 2015, E liquids and other E Cigarette products are no longer allowed to be sold to or purchased for people under the age of 18.

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