Cigarette & Tobacco Prices Increase Again

A pack of 20 cigarettes will rise by 28p from 6pm tonight after Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond revealed that duty on tobacco products would rise by 2% above inflation.

This means the price of a fine pack of 20 cigarettes can be as high as £10.80 after the budget, whilst an average pack will go to £9.30.

In addition, hand-rolling tobacco, such as Amber Leaf, will go up by 1%.

In the last budget, the Chancellor raised the price of 20 cigarettes by 35p, as well as imposing other hikes and regulations on the industry.

It has been reported that tax hikes are harming the tobacco industry, with British cigarettes already among the most expensive in Europe.

Various figures of the tobacco industry have criticised tax hikes amid fears that they could turn smokers to the black market for their cigarettes.

British tobacco retailers have also called for a limit on the amount of cigarettes and tobacco products people can bring into the UK from abroad, after several claims that Brits take day trips to Belgium and purchase large quantities of cigarettes.

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