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A packet of cigarettes will cost $40 dollars from 2020, as the government hopes the raise will encourage smokers to quit.

Cigarettes To Cost $40 In Australia

Despite already being considered one of the most expensive countries in the world to smoke, Australia are set to raise a packet of cigarettes to $40 (£23) in 2020.

In the last six years, tough cigarette regulations have seen the number of smokers in Australia slip to less at 15% of the population.

It is expected that the levy on cigarettes will rise by 12.5% over the next four years to more than double the price of a pack and raise around $4.7billion.

Currently, a pack of 25 cigarettes cost around £13-£15 in Australia, which is far more expensive than the 20 cigarettes in a UK pack which are available on average for £8.

Australian treasurer Scott Morrison insists that the proposed 2020 cigarette price increase is health motivated and is not about finance. He planned his tobacco tax hike in his May 2016 budget address.

“One of the most effective ways to discourage smoking is to increase the price of cigarettes,” explains Morrison.

“Increases in tobacco excise over the last two decades have contributed to significant declines in the number of people smoking daily.”

In Europe, cigarettes in the UK are among the most expensive, with Norway claiming top spot.

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