‘Vaping Helps Smokers Quit’

As e-cigarettes have risen in popularity, UK researchers have argued that more people have quit smoking traditional tobacco.

The British Medical Journal has scrupulously examined quit rates and smoking cessation in England from 2006 to 2015, and have found that more people have managed to stop smoking.

Medical experts have asserted that vaping may have helped around 18,000 in England quit smoking in 2015.

The medical team that were investigating was led by Professor Robert West from University College London, who is a frequent contributor to the e-cig science community.

“The increased prevalence of e-cigarettes in England does not appear to have been associated with a detectable change in attempts to stop smoking.”

“However, the increase in e-cigarette use has been associated with an increase in success of quit attempts.”

E-cigs have beat off competition from nicotine patches and gum to become the most popular smoking cession method in England.

E-cigs have emerged as a viable alternative for smokers looking to quit as science and academic studies appear to continually absolve vaping – a study has previously found that e-cig vapour is like air.

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