US Panel Rejects New Tobacco Device’s Health Assessment

A US Panel has rejected a claim from tobacco giants Philip Morris that their iQOS electronic tobacco delivery device can reduce the risk of health effects comparatively with traditional cigarettes.

The panel, advisers to the body that regulates tobacco and e-cigarettes in the US, the Food and Drug Administration, said that Phillip Morris couldn’t claim its iQOS electronic tobacco device is healthier.

The iQOS electronic tobacco device heats tobacco rather than burning it. But the US panel were not convinced that the device is any healthier than regular cigarettes.

Despite being used by over 4 million users worldwide, Phillip Morris cannot market the iQOS electronic tobacco device in the US.

Over the next few months, the FDA will determine whether Phillip Morris can sell its iQOS electronic tobacco device. If so, it will be bound to the same marketing restrictions.

Incidentally, shares in Phillip Morris were down by 2.8% to $107.50 on Thursday afternoon.

The tobacco giant’s marketing efforts are still alive and kicking, despite regulations, and are continuing their sponsorship of Ferrari in the Formula One.

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