The Ongoing Problem of the Illegal Tobacco Industry

For every industry these days there always seems to be an undercurrent of a black market selling cheaper and usually illegal versions of certain products and services. The tobacco industry is just the same but now shoppers have been warned about the sheer danger of illegal tobacco and most importantly they are being encouraged to report the issue.

Unfortunately it’s the sale of illegal tobacco which causes problems within society and for a start it’s sold at a much lower price, pocket money prices and this can make the product easier for children to get their hands on it. In turn this leads them into a lethal habit and the illegal tobacco trade is acting as a gateway.

Whilst you may be questioning as to the real harm the sale of illegal tobacco causes and thinking maybe we are overreacting then think again. Believe it or not communities who engage in the sale and purchase of illegal tobacco have been known to become more attractive to criminals and thus its leading people to commit other crimes and that’s definitely not a positive thing.

Awareness will be raised concerning illegal tobacco which aims to urge fewer people to buy it but in addition for more people to report it but what actually is illegal tobacco? Illegal tobacco differs to legal tobacco for sale in shops as its goods which have been smuggled, counterfeited or manufactured specifically for sale on the black market.

Some of the popular illegal tobacco brands include, Jin Ling, Raquel, Palace, Manchester and also Richman so if you come across anyone selling these you are advised to notify the police and report this illegal activity.

In Swinton just last week three shops were raided by police as they were believed to be selling illegal tobacco. Coun Emma Faramarzi, cabinet member for housing and public safety, said: “Smoking is a serious public health issue and cheap illegal tobacco just makes it even harder to keep our children away from harm.”

The sale of illegal tobacco is illegal and a criminal offence, anyone wishing to report this can contact Trading Standards or in addition to this you can go to www.stop- – help keep illegal tobacco off the streets!

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