Smokers World Stocks E Lites

Tobacco supplier Smoker’s World in Blackburn has begun stocking famous electronic cigarette brand E-Lites. The electronic cigarette superpower is stocked throughout the UK and abroad but has come to Blackburn’s most trusted tobacco shop for the first time.

The profile of E-Lites has gone through the roof recently with a national television advertisement campaign. The expensive campaign showcases a baby performing the famous Gangnam Style dance as its first steps whilst the father steps outside for an electronic cigarette. This advertisement is particularly pertinent due to the nationwide ban on tobacco products being advertised on television.

Smoker’s World endeavours to provide their customers with a wide range of different products for their smoking and vaping (the electronic cigarette equivalent of smoking) needs. The store is built upon a reputation for supplying high-quality tobacco products from pipe tobacco to accessories.

The tobacconist is a traditional profession that has a rich history steeped in time. Many elements of the profession have been long-held traditions that have been imparted as culture dictates. With tobacco being enjoyed in almost every country on earth in a myriad of different manners using a variety of mediums and technique; the culture of the tobacconist is something of a mixed tapestry. The quintessentially British pipe sits along the Cuban Cigar and the Wild West hand-rolled cigarette to provide an interesting clash of cultures.

The electronic cigarette is the latest addition to this cross-pollination of cultures. Smoker’s World endeavours to keep in line with current trends whilst respecting those that the tobacconist is founded upon. Some tobacco shops have viewed the rise of the electronic cigarette with hesitancy and eschewed the possibility to invest in the blossoming marketplace. Smoker’s World believes that people shouldn’t have to choose between electronic cigarettes and theirfavourite tobacco products. The two products can co-exist and be enjoyed mutually.

Electronic cigarettes have been available in the UK for less than a decade having been invented in china in the early 2000s. Also known as e cigs, they contain a substance known as e liquid. This e liquid is heated within the product and turned into water vapour. The water vapour is the substance which is inhaled by the user. The fact that the electronic cigarette does not produce any smoke and does not contain tobacco excludes it from certain laws placed upon tobacco products. It is legal to enjoy an electronic cigarette in a public place such as a restaurant or bar.

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