Prince Charles Bans Smoking From 2,000-Acre Stately Home

Prince Charles really doesn’t like smoking as his grandfather, George VI, a smoker, died of lung cancer when the heir to the throne was just three.

His son Prince Harry enjoys the occasional cigarette much to his father’s annoyance, and even after he convinced his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, to quit cigarettes.

Charles has now banned all smoking anywhere on the three playgrounds of his 2,000-acre Scottish stately home.

The Dumfries House is the first in Scotland to pan smoking from its playgrounds.

“As part of a Scottish Government initiative and our integrated health programme at Dumfries House, we are the first local organisation to make their play parks smoke-free,” said a spokesman for the Ayrshire estate, explaining that smoking is now banned from Prince Charles’ stately home.

“We ask visitors not to smoke while playing with their children at these play parks.”

It’s not just Prince Charles who is trying to impose regulation and bans on smoking, either.

It emerged recently that health campaigners were calling for a ban on all flavoured tobacco products, and the Tobacco Products Directive takes effect next month.

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