New 2016 E-Cigarette laws

E-Cigarette use increased in 2015, with new figures revealing that 2.6 million adults in the UK regularly use E-Cigarettes. But the rise in the number of e-cigarette users has also seen an increase in demands to improve the current regulations.

From May 2016 new EU regulations will come into force and will create big changes on how people vape.

As part of the many changes, E-Cigarettes will now be regulated as a tobacco product, under the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), as well as a medical product with licencing from the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Rules TPD will enforce all member states (including UK) to follow

  • Maximum size of refill containers containing nicotine liquid remains at 10ml.
  • Maximum nicotine strength of e-liquid remains at 20ml.
  • E-Cigarettes and refill containers must have a mechanism to prevent leaking.
  • If more than three EU countries believe a product presents a health risk, the product could face a ban.
  • Cartridges or tanks must not exceed the size of 2ml.

How these changes can affect vapers

  • Replaceable heads will likely be banned; as changing the head on the atomizer will be considered “tampering.”
  • Refill containers over 10ml will be banned, which mean people will be unable to buy 30ml E-Liquids.
  • A massive reduction in flavours and E-Liquids, as companies will need to provide a detailed list of all the chemicals in the liquid and vapour.
  • Variable-watt and Variable-voltage products may be banned.

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