Most Vapers Have Quit Tobacco, According To Survey

According to a survey by Action on Smoking and Health, approximately 1.5 million e-cigarette users have given up smoking cigarettes completely, out of the estimated 2.9 million e-cig users.

The reports, despite showing that vaping is slowing down, showed that more than half of vapers had given up cigarettes, in a clear success for the vaping community.

“This year’s Ash survey finds that around 1.5 million vapers are ex-smokers, for the first time a larger number than those who continue to smoke,” said Ann McNeill, a professor of tobacco addiction at King’s College London.

“This is encouraging news as we know that vapers who continue to smoke continue to be exposed to cancer-causing chemicals. The message for the 1.3 million vapers who still smoke is that they need to go further and switch completely.”

Despite reports from Public Health England that claimed e-cigs are 95% safer than regular cigarettes, some 26% of respondents still believe that e-cigarette are equally, or even more harmful, that regular tobacco cigarettes.

“It’s excellent news that the number of vapers who have quit smoking is continuing to grow, but there are still 9 million smokers compared to only 1.5 million vapers who don’t smoke at all,” said Deborah Arnott, the chief executive of Action on Smoking & Health, the company that compiled the survey, which showed that the majority of vapers have quit smoking.

“The rapid growth in e-cigarette use has come to an end while over a third of smokers have still never tried e-cigarettes, saying the main reasons are concerns about the safety and addictiveness of e-cigarettes. It’s very important smokers realise that vaping is much, much less harmful than smoking.”

In keeping with the revealing reports from ASH, it has previously been reported that vaping helps smokers quit.

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