International Pipe Smoking Day, 20th February

Every year on the 20th of February every year, pipe smoking communities celebrate International Pipe Smoking Day to celebrate the long-time tradition of smoking pipes.

Although the origin and time of the first recorded use of smoking pipes is debated, North American Indians used pipes in 1500 BC.

The oldest known method of smoking, smoking pipes include a bowl, to hold the tobacco, a shank and a mouthpiece, where the user inhales the tobacco.

Pipe smoking was once the most popular form of smoking, but has now become an acquire taste, often associated with class and sophistication.

Some of history’s most prominent cultural figures, celebrated politicians and notable people and characters were pipe smokers.

You may be familiar with Beethoven, Einstein, Roosevelt, Van Gogh just to name a few, as well as fictional characters such as Popeye, Santa Claus, Sherlock Holmes and Frosty the Snowman, all of which enjoyed smoking pipes on certain occasions.

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