How To Smoke Pipe Tobacco

Smoking pipe tobacco is a common pastime for many smokers. Compared to smoking cigarettes, smoking a pipe is seen as more sophisticated and is also considered a healthier method because you can inhale less tobacco smoke when using a pipe.
Pipe smoking has even created social communities. There are pipe clubs where people meet to discuss their hobby and share their selections. Cigarette smoking does not possess the same social conventions compared to its’ pipe counterparts.
At Tobacco Specialists, we stock luxury pipe tobaccos that are grown and cultivated all around the world. With the rise of pipe smoking we have created a list of instructions for beginner pipers and on how to use your pipe effectively for the best experience.
Before you can start smoking your pipe you need to collect the important essentials:
  • Pipe
  • Tobacco
  • Pipe Tool
  • Matches

Which is the best pipe?

If you are new to pipe smoking, you need to find the best pipe for you. There is the Briar, Meerschaum, Clay, Calabash, Corncob and the Churchwarden. There are also synthetic and metal pipes available too.
For beginner pipers, choosing the right pipe can be daunting. The choosing process is very much like how every wizard chooses his wand.
The best way is trial and error. Try different pipes until you know which is best for you. Pipes have different weights and materials so you need to see what you are most comfortable with. Smoking pipe tobacco is supposed to be a relaxing experience but you can’t be relaxed without the right pipe.

Which is the best tobacco?

The treat of pipe tobacco compared to cigarettes is there are many different flavours of tobacco to choose from. Again, for beginners, knowing which tobacco to choose can be difficult. Your pipe pals will probably have their own recommendations but everyone has their own personal taste.
Try a number of different tobaccos so you know which taste and aromas you prefer. English blends tend to taste woody and smoky. Oriental tobaccos usually have a spicy fragrance. There are sweet, nutty, tangy blend tobaccos out there.

Pipe tool & matches

To fill and pack your pipe you need a pipe tool. This 3-piece gadget is your everyday tool to prep and clean your pipe.
Finally get some matches and we are ready to begin.

How to prepare a pipe

Get your pipe and fill the bowl with tobacco. Like preparing a camp fire you need to make sure you don’t pack the tobacco too tightly otherwise it won’t light effectively and if you have packed it too loose it won’t stay lit for long.
Use your pipe tool, the tamping end piece, to fill the bowl. One of the benefits of pipe smoking is one batch of tobacco can provide an hour of smoking so put in the amount of tobacco you need.
Strike a match and touch the flame to the tobacco until the contents burn red.

How to use a pipe

Your pipe is now ready for use.
The method is to sip rather than suck on the pipe. If you suck too much on the pipe, the tobacco will get too hot and your tongue will get burnt and the interior of the pipe will get damaged.
Sip on the pipe and take in the nicotine. Compared to cigarettes, using a pipe means you can inhale less tobacco smoke and enjoy the fragrant flavours.

How to clean your pipe

Make sure to clean your pipe of the burnt tobacco after you’ve finished. A clean pipe will last longer and not negatively affect your smoking experience. Let your pipe cool down and clean the bowl with the spoon piece of your pipe tool. Clean your pipe regularly with a pipe cleaner.
Over time a carbon layer will appear in the interior of the pipe, that’s okay. A thin layer will help insulate the tobacco when you smoke but don’t let the layer get too thick because it can override the aromatic taste of your tobacco. Use the third and final piece of your pipe tool, the stick, to clean the shaft when it gets clogged.
We hope this guide was helpful and make sure to visit our online tobacco shop and see our tobacco selections.
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