E cigarettes as addictive as smoking

Vaping e-cigarettes has been promoted as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes but new research shows they could be as addictive as the real thing.
E-cigarettes have become a popular substitute to traditional smoking and they have been used to help people quit.
E-cigs are not made of tobacco, they are electrical devices that heat and vaporize liquids containing nicotine, flavouring and other substances. The lack of the harmful properties associated with smoking cigarettes has made e-cigarettes look like the better alternative and many believe they can help people stop smoking.
However there have been concerns vaping is as addictive to cigarettes.
There has been an investigation into the different types of nicotine used in e-liquids to see how likely the person is to become hooked.
Najat Saliba, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the American University of Beirut, led the research and concluded nicotine listed on packaging didn’t always have a consistent result in the labs.
Saliba has warned that products that have a high level of nicotine will make quitting smoking more difficult.
At present there is no evidence to suggest that e-cigs can cause long term harm to a person however Dr Daniel Neides, Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute has said companies need to start labelling how much nicotine levels liquids contain.
Dr Neides has expressed concerns that non-smokers could become hooked on nicotine after trying e-cigs and start using regular cigarettes.
Scientists have yet to determine whether there are other toxic substances in the vapour devices. In America, laws are already being introduced to start banning the sales of e-cigs to minors.

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