Are you Quitting on No Smoking Day

Wednesday 11 March marks the annual UK No Smoking Day campaign. This year, the day will be called “Proud to be a Quitter” in order to promote a positive message to all smokers. We know how difficult trying to quit smoking can be but making the decision is half the battle.

Today we are sharing some expert tips on how to stop smoking this year.

5 Expert Tips to Stop Smoking

Seek Help

Seek help should be the first objective when you want to stop smoking. You can go and see your doctor who can prescribe special kits and there are ‘Stop Smoking’ services in your local area. There is a ‘Stop Smoking’ helpline or you can go to the free NHS Stop Smoking service to receive a special pack and you can receive motivation or advice to help you stop the habit.

Set a Date

A deadline can be a beneficial way to quit smoking. It gives you time to prepare and accept that you are finally going to stop. You could pick your birthday as the deadline or another holiday occasion, there is always Stoptober in October.

Inform Your Friends and Family

During this time it is always helpful to have support from friends and family. If they are smokers they will understand the difficulty of trying to quit. Just like having a ‘gym buddy’, you can have a ‘quit buddy’. Together, you can work together to stop smoking and celebrate each other’s success. When times get difficult you can have someone to talk to and they can encourage you to keep going.

Remove Temptation

You need to remove all temptation. Dispose of all cigarettes and anything that is associated with smoking i.e ash trays, lighters, matches. Tidy and clear your house and your car to remove all cigarette smells from your house. Get your carpets cleaned, wash your bedding, Febreeze the place until the residual smell has completely vanished.

Smoking Alternatives

If you believe you cannot stop for good immediately, you can always try switching to e-cigarettes. Instead of going entirely ‘cold turkey’ you can try replacement products that can fulfill the nicotine habit and increase your chance of quitting altogether. Tobacco Specialists have a fantastic range of e-liquids available which can help you stop smoking for good.

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