Advice for Cigar Smokers

There is an almost mysticism attached to the pursuit of finding the perfect cigar thanks to the wildly differing varieties available on the market. Coupling the image of prosperity that is connoted by cigar smoking and the famous embargo placed upon Cuban cigars in the USA; cigars are one of the World’s most famous and enduring symbols of wealth.

Finding the Right Cigar for You

There are an almost limitless number of cigar brands rolling products in all kinds of shapes and sizes, making the choice ever difficult. Furthermore, production is also dependent upon nature and the tobacco crops that have grown that year.

Here are a few of the factors that you should consider when choosing a cigar.


Whilst the traditional image of the iconic fat cat smoking a cigar usually includes a large, thick cigar – these are not necessarily the right choice for everybody, in particular novice smokers. New smokers may find that large, fat cigars produce too intense a smoke for too long. It may be preferable to ease yourself into the world of cigars with smaller, thinner examples and then work your way up if they are not fully satisfying your desires. If you find yourself wanting more after finishing a small cigar, then it is a good sign that you may be ready to upgrade.


Like size, it may be prudent for new smokers to pick a relatively low strength cigar when they first take up smoking. This will help ease them in rather than face them with a daunting task straight away. Slowly but surely work your way up to stronger cigars if you so desire by going up one grade at a time. Furthermore, the weaker the cigar, the less they traditionally cost.


Until you know what it is that you really enjoy in a cigar, it is redundant to spend a large amount of money on one. Buying the most expensive cigar will not automatically result in you enjoying the taste any more. You could spend hundreds on a top brand or rare tobacco type, but if it is not to your taste then it is entirely a waste of money.

The price of a cigar is affected by a number of different factors.

-Better known brands and respected brands can often demand a higher asking price
-The age of the leaves can determine the price, generally the older the leaves, the higher the price
-Larger cigars often cost more
-In-demand tobacco blends can also bump up the price

The only sure fire way to find a cigar that suits your taste is to try a wide range of different brands and tobacco variations. This will help you determine what flavours and tones particularly please your palate.

Storing Cigars

Cigars need to be stored properly to ensure that they retain their flavour. Even the most expensive and best-loved cigar can be ruined if not stored properly.

Here are a few of the factors that need to be considered when storing a cigar.


The humidity refers to the dampness in the air and this is such an important factor of cigar storage that special cases (humidors) are built just for this very purpose. The key is to ensure that the humidity is not too dry (the cigar will crumble) or too damp (the cigar will not burn). Recommended optimum humidity levels are between 65% and 75%. If you do not have a humidor to store your cigar, seal them in a container alongside a damp sponge. This puts moisture in the air without forcing it into the cigar.


Strive to store your cigar away from direct sunlight and in between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius.


The cigar must have contact with oxygen at all times. Ensure that your humidor or storage device allows for air to enter and access the cigar.


The first time that you see a little bit of mould growing on your cigar, there may be a natural inclination to panic slightly but fear not, mould growth is a natural by-product of healthy cigar storage. Simply brush the mould off and continue storing the cigar in the same manner.

How to Cut a Cigar

Although it may look cooler to nonchalantly bite off the end of a cigar and spit it away, this could damage the cigar and ruin the smoking experience. It is important to invest in a sturdy, trustworthy cigar cutter.

Cutting the capped end of the cigar with a guillotine style cutter is the most effective way to remove the unneeded cigar to produce a quality smoke. The blade needs to be shape so it cuts straight through the cigar without crushing it at all. Cut about 1/8 of an inch into the cigar so minimal is wasted.

If you do not have a cutter, then use a sharp knife rather than biting the cigar.

Enjoying the Cigar

It is paramount that you do not inhale the smoke from cigars. This can make you feel light headed and ill. Slowly and comfortably draw from the cigar, hold the smoke in your mouth and then exhale. Do not rush the cigar as this can cause it to overheat and could alter the flavour in a negative manner.

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