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Accessorise your smoking experience

Accessorise Your Smoking Experience

There’s more to smoking than just your favourite tobacco brand, your favourite cigar or favourite e-liquid flavour. Tobacco Specialists believe smokers and vapers should smoke or vape with style and sophistication.

To elevate your experience, Tobacco Specialists stock an incredible range of awesome, nerdy and quality-made smoking accessories.

From rolling and tubing machines and cigarette cases to papers, filter tips, lighters and more, Tobacco Specialists range of smoking accessories is packed and comprehensive.

Having your favourite tobacco or cigarette at hand is one thing, but having your favourite tobacco product in a durable, stylish and easy to use cigarette case is another thing!

Or maybe you’re an egregious roller? There’s cigarette rolling machines for that! Impeccably designed and styled, rolling machines from Tobacco Specialists produce perfect cigarettes easily and simply.

Smokers need lighters, lots of lighters! Whether you just want a plain set of generic lighters for low prices or a stylish and inspiring design with variable inscriptions or patterns and colours, Tobacco Specialists has the lot.

Whether it’s just to make your life easier or whether it’s to improve your smoking experience or add style, smoking accessories from Tobacco Specialists is a range of materials well worth checking out.

Our delivery charge is only £6.00 (per order) for deliveries in the UK only

Our delivery charge is only £6.00 (per order) for deliveries in the UK only
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