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At Tobacco Specialists, we only stock products by brands that we trust and would use ourselves. Every brand on this website has our personal seal of approval. Here is an introduction to our trusted brands.

King Edward – American Cigar
Named after King Edward VII after his ascension to the throne; King Edward cigars are as traditional as they are popular. The monarch famously declared ‘Gentleman, you may smoke’ after being named King – this followed his predecessor’s ban on smoking on the royal premises.

Guantanmera – Cuban Cigar
Guantanmera cigars come straight from the heart of the World’s cigar production capital – Cuba.

Montecristo – Cuban Cigar
These Cuban cigars are well known throughout the world for their smooth taste and satisfying odour.

Romeo y Julieta – Cuban Cigar
Named after literature’s most famous lovers – Romeo and Juliet – these cigars are known for their decadent luxury.

Santa DamianaDominican Cigar
The Dominican Republic is quickly developing into one of the World’s finest cigar exporters and these Santa Damiana cigars are right at the pinnacle of the country’s cevelopment.

Agio – European Cigar
This Dutch cigar brand has operated for almost 110 years – crafting high quality cigars in the heart of Europe.

Henri Wintermans – European Cigar
An offshoot of Agio, one of the Winterman brothers Harrie formed the company in the Netherlands in 1934.

Phillies – American Cigar
Named after their hometown of Philadelphia; Phillies are enjoyed throughout Europe and were immortalised in Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks painting.

Villiger – European Cigar
Produced in Switzerland and Germany, Villiger cigars have represented quality taste and craftsmanship wince 1888.

Charatan – Honduran Cigar
One of the up-and-coming cigar producers in the World Honduras is perhaps best known for these Charatan cigars.

Bullbrand – Papers and Filters
Bullbrand are known for producing elegant and refined cigarette papers and filters for the discerning smoker.

Rizla – Papers and Filters
Perhaps the best know cigarette paper brand in Britain, all papers are sometimes affectionately referred to as Rizlas.

Sharrow – Papers and Filters
Sharrow are a trusted brand, known for producing and supplying cigarette filters of all sizes to suit all smokers.

Swan – Papers and Filters
Perhaps the most recognisable of all smoking paraphernalia brands, Swan have got you covered for all of your cigarette needs.

Zig Zag – Papers and Filters
These funky papers are growing massively in popularity, especially amongst university students and young professionals.

Juicy Jays – Papers and Filters
One of the World’s foremost producers of flavoured papers, Juicy Jays really pack their papers full of a flavourful punch.

Rips – Papers and Filters
With flavours from chocolate to peach, it’s fair to say that Rips flavoured rolls have the roll for almost any taste.

Dr Plumbs – Pipe
A hugely popular and sought-after pipe brand, Dr Plumbs have a respectable and reassuring weight and even distribution for an excellent smoking experience.

Falcons – Pipe
Falcons love to add a certain modern sensibility to the otherwise traditional world of pipe production with stainless steel finishes and mahogany bowls.

Comoy – Pipe
These hugely traditional and decadent cigars are perfect for a slow and luxurious smokes at the end of a hard day.

Peterson – Pipes
From the city of Dublin, these pipes are a perfect marriage of stylish form and heavenly smoking experiences.

David Ross – Papers and Filters
David Ross are experts at producing vintage styled cigarette filters that will resonate with the traditional smoker.

Zippo – Lighter
Zippo is undoubtedly the World’s most famous lighter brand. These lighters are indicative of success and a taste for the refined.

Bayside – Tobacco
We stock a wide range of Bayside’s popular blended tobaccos that always result in a deep and consistent smoking experience.

Blue Ridge – Tobacco
Blue Ridge has become one of our most popular brands thanks to its scarcity in other retailers. While other outlets have struggled to keep a source of Blue Ridge, we’ve been careful to maintain a healthy stock level.

Borkum – Tobacco
Borkum tobaccos are famous for coming in a range of rich and decadent flavours such as Bourbon Whiskey and Cherry.

Brookfield – Tobacco
Brookfield produces a range of flavoured and unflavoured tobaccos that are popular with pipe lovers all around the World.

Condor – Tobacco
Named for the famous vulture found most commonly in the USA and Mexico and this tobacco truly embodies that spirit of adventure.

Erinmore – Tobacco
With its traditional packaging and classic taste, Erinmore harks back to the golden age of tobacco smoking refinery.

Fosters – Tobacco
Not to be mistaken for the Australian lager, Fosters create a wide range of high quality tobacco, popular with pipe smokers.

Crafting a fantastic selection of pipe tobaccos, the Macbaren Vanilla Cream is particularly popular with smoking aficionados.

Mick McQuaid
Mick McQuaid tobaccos do the simple things right. Without concentrating on flashy flavours of gimmicks, Mick McQuaid make simply fantastic tobacco.

Proudly Irish, these tobacco producers craft distinctly Irish tones and tastes and even pay homage to famous pipe fan Sherlock Holmes.

Player’s have created a number of distinctive tobaccos including the hugely popular Navy Cut, inspired by our sea-faring forces.

Kendal specialise in shag tobaccos of all flavours. From Cherry Brandy to Coconut, almost every taste and palate can be satisfied with Kendal shag.

Perfectly cut tobaccos to use with a tobacco tubing machine, Ashford creates unique flavours and aromas.

A lighter smoking experience for those who enjoy the mellower things in life; Honeyrose is ideal for warm summer nights.

Peter Stokkebye
Peter Stokkebye produces high quality shag tobacco in a range of innovative and exciting flavours such as the irrepressible Kentucky Nougat.

Totally Wicked
One of the most recognisable brands in the electronic cigarette industry; we stock Totally Wicked’s World Famous e liquids.

The Electronic Cigarette Company
One of the founding fathers of the UK electronic cigarette market, The Electronic Cigarette has been specialising in crafting quality e cigs since 2008.

Ronson Lighters
The fun and quirky designs of Ronson lighters make them instantly recognisable and attractive to adults of all ages.

Sarome Lighters
The traditionalist designs of Sarome lighters have made them a big hit with the refined individuals of the smoking world.

Silvermatch Lighters
Silvermatch Lighters are loud and proud. Available in a wide range of different colours and styles to suit people from all walks of life.

Sticking true to the traditional principles held in high esteem in the world of snuff, Camphor create time tested snuff tobacco.

Adding a modern twist to the largely traditionalist snuff industry, Gawith produces snuff in flavours as exotic as Apricot.

With years of snuff-making experience, Hedges team of experts have perfected the art form for a smooth and enjoyable snuff experience.

One of the most famous ranges from the global snuff brand Poschl; Lowenprise is a traditional and aromatic snuff offering a strong liquorice aftertaste.

Red Bull
Whilst it may not give you wings like it’s energy drink namesake; Red Bull snuff will deliver a satisfying snuff experience.

Our delivery charge is only £6.00 (per order) for deliveries in the UK only

Our delivery charge is only £6.00 (per order) for deliveries in the UK only
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